Import custom POI's in your COMAND APS system!

MB POI Loader is a freeware tool, which will help you build a custom POI file with any type of POIs for your Mercedes-Benz COMAND system. No more searching around the internet for someone who uploaded their POI file, but which doesn't entirely fit your needs.

With only a few clicks you'll be able to build your own POI file, with the countries you want, and always up-to-date with the latest items. The tool will take any collection of POIs around the world, in the Google Earth format, and generate a ready-to-use POI file that you can save on an SD card and import in your Mercedes-Benz COMAND system. With support for additional settings, like the category name, icon, warning limit etc.

The tool will do this for any type of POIs you want to import: camping sites, fuel stations, hotels, and also speed cameras and other categories of POIs.

This tool is not affiliated or supported by Mercedes-Benz in any way.
This a non official tool created in my spare time because I was looking for this and wanted to share this with other Mercedes-Benz owners.

Note that some countries prohibit the use of this tool in combination with speed cameras by federal law. Only use this tool if it's legal to use in the countries you drive!

If you like this tool, please consider supporting my efforts with a free donation.
Thank you!

Latest news

Mar 12th, 2016
Fixed problem in SCDB conversion when missing style info.

Latest version

version 2.4.1 (March 2016) Download latest version

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