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System Requirements:

  • Windows XP SP3 or later
  • .NET Framework 3.5w
  • Mercedes-Benz car with COMAND APS (v4.5 or later)

Download latest version
This is the recommended version of MB POI Loader.

MB POI Loader 2.4.1
» Download installer MD5: 8f8864bcae2eedb8ea73f78adfcf31ce
- Fixed bug in SCDB conversion when style info is missing.

Download older versions
Earlier versions have the old name 'MB SpeedCams'.
This is not another tool, just an early version.


MB POI Loader 2.4.0
» Download installer MD5: a9d8f56bc3a078e649dbf8262830e8c0
- Fixed bug in CSV conversion and special characters.
- Added improvement in file size by excluding empty data in GPX file.

MB POI Loader 2.3.0
» Download installer MD5: 6b6cd52a777b1779d5470d4bb62cc31c
- Some bugfixes for processing coordinates.

MB POI Loader 2.2.0
» Download installer MD5: 9b505aab61ef6ee3dbb6fdeab7a3a024
- Added support for CSV files<

MB POI Loader 2.1.0
» Download installer MD5: 551fd8a9f71983b06cb6fdeab7a3a024
- Renamed to MB POI Loader
- Added support for
- Added support for
- Added support for
- Improved online documentation

MB SpeedCams 2.0.1
» Download installer MD5: af3f3bbb18d1bc0f7bf63044fec0a50f
- Added bugfix in basic conversion when POIs don't have a name value.

MB SpeedCams 2.0.0
» Download installer MD5: 87df2f64c627053eb05eb64ac721379e
- Added option to convert any POI file using basic conversion.
- Added option to merge 2 .GPX files
- Added option to choose destination of output file.

MB SpeedCams 1.1.0
» Download installer MD5: fb61cc0f5028c8162e305307c83e35b1


Latest news

Mar 12th, 2016
Fixed problem in SCDB conversion when missing style info.

Latest version

version 2.4.1 (March 2016) Download latest version

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