MB POI Loader Support - Generate a POI file

Once you have downloaded a .KML (Google Earth) input file, you can use this to convert it to a custom POI (.GPX) file for use in the COMAND APS navigation system.

Generate the POI file for the COMAND APS system

  1. Launch the MB POI Loader tool.

  2. Click on "browse" next to "input file" to select the .kml file you downloaded (see "Download file").

  3. Select the source of the file from the dropdown "input type". If your file source is not listed, then select "other", which will use a basic conversion. If Other doesn't work out for you, contact us, and we'll see if we can add support for your file source.

  4. If you want to choose where the output file is saved, check "Let me set the destination filename". By default the file will be saved in the folder where you installed MB POI Loader.
  5. The Convert button is enabled once you selected the .kml file and the input type.
    Click on the "Convert" button to start the conversion.

  6. When the conversion has completed without errors, you'll find a file named "PersonalPOIs.gpx" in the same folder as your .kml file.
    This PersonalPOIs.gpx is the custom POI file that you can use in your navigation system.


Latest news

Mar 12th, 2016
Fixed problem in SCDB conversion when missing style info.

Latest version

version 2.4.1 (March 2016) Download latest version

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