MB POI Loader Support - Use the POI file in your COMAND APS

Once you generated your POI file (PersonalPOIs.gpx), you can use it in your navigation system.

  1. Take an empty SD card, and insert it into a computer/laptop.

  2. Create a folder on the SD card named "PersonalPOI".

  3. Copy the "PersonalPOIs.gpx" file into this folder on the SD card.

  4. Now put the SD card in the COMAND APS system of your car.

  5. Switch on the car.
  6. Press the NAVI function button.

  7. Select Navi in the main function bar and confirm.

  8. Select PersonalPOIs and confirm.

  9. A notice "Importing Data" will appear.
    Press OK to remove the notice.

  10. Repeat last two steps until you can select "Display Personal POIs on map".
    Note: This can take up to 10-15 minutes.
    To speed this up, try to limit your speed camera region of downloaded cameras to a smaller area to have less speed cameras in the .kml file.

  11. If the file loaded successfully (e.g. no errors, and didn't exceed the poi limit), you'll see the value you have set for POI Category as a new category there. By default the category name is "Speed Cameras".

    If you don't see your POI category, then your POI file is corrupt. This can be because of a syntax error in the file format, or because you're trying to load more POI's than the navigation system can handle (for 2012 models this is 30.000 POI's).
  12. Select the category and mark the category to switch on the icon display for the category.

  13. Go back to the "Personal POIs" menu and select "Visual warning for PersonalPOIs" and confirm.

  14. The menu displays the available categories. Mark your category so it will be highlighted on the map when you approach POIs in this category. If you don't do this, then the POIs will be displayed on the map, but they will not be highlighted (for better visibility) when you approach them.

  15. The camera databases remain loaded as long as the SD card is left in the console.
    if you remove the SD card for any reason you will have to go back to step 4 and follow all the steps from there again.
  16. That’s it, when you're driving and you approach the POI's, you'll see them on the screen. Enjoy!
    Depending on the warning level configured while generating the GPX file, you will also get audible warnings in 2013 and newer models.



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